Incorporated in 2004, we are a leading semiconductor manufacturing solutions provider. We offer wide range of products and services for semiconductor packaging, inspection and testing processess;

Semiconductor Equipment (ATE)
Wafer Vision / Handler
Strip / Substrate Vision / Handler
Tape & Reel Vision / Handler
PCBA Vision / Handler
Manufacturing & Value Added Services
WLCSP Carrier Manufacturing
Dresser Board Refurbishment
Dicing Blade Refurbishment
Wire Clamp Refurbishment
PCB Gold Finger Refurbishment
Auto Focus System Upgrade
Contract Manufacturing Services
Tape & Reel Services
Factory Consumable & Spares
Dresser Board
Industrial Cleaning Chemical
Pick Up Tool, Testing Probe, Push Up Needle
Burn In Board & PCB Solutions
High Vol PCB Manufacturing & Fast Turn Prototype
Reliability & Burn In Board
Turnkey Solution & Gold Finger Rework
Factory Automation
SMART Conveyor And Automation System
Factory Mix Reel Prevention System
AIRIS(Artificial Intelligent Real Time Inspection)
Recipe Management And Monitoring System
SMART Traceability And Data Automation Solution