IC Decapsulation System

Acid Decapsulation

As a leading IC decapsulation system provider, NSC manufactures effective systems to meet various IC’s opening requirements.
PS105 Plastic Mold Decapsulation System
PS103S Plastic Mold Decapsulation SystemLaser Decapsulation System
PL201-10/PL201-20/PL221 IC Laser Decapsulation SystemNEW

Plasma Decapsulation
MP101Atmospheric Plasma Needle Decap SystemNEW

Mechanical Decapsulation (Cross sectioning, Milling, and Grinding)
BA102Multi ShinerNEW

Dry Etching System

Dry Etching System is used for the removal of polyimide and passivation such as SiN and SiO2. Effective for lower patterned layers analysis.

ES373Dry Etching System for Failure Analysis
ES403Dry Etching System for Failure AnalysisFailure Analysis Testing System

Personal type FB200 2nd and High-Speed automatic testing system FB102-0 are available. Effective for high-pin counts I/O check and analysis under static conditions.
FB102-0Hi-speed Automatic I/O Testing System
FB200Curve Tracer 2nd


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