By many years of experience on image process, our products encompass many kinds of AOI equipment, mostly are used in semiconductor wafer and IC packaging. Our goal is to improve product yield for the customer and efficient manufacture process.To use machine vision as high-speed high-precision option image detection technology to replace the traditional use of human optical instruments to detect the defect. It is implemented at many industries, such as: IC Packing, PCB Industry, WLCSP Quality. Ta Liang serves customers from TSMC, ASE, SPIL, Chipmos, PTI and other semiconductor manufacturers.


Handler Series

IC Chip Test Handler
Function Description;
IC Chip AVI Handler is for chips to inspect by optical vision and to package.
Apply to variety package and chip size.
Up to 12 vision inspection stations.
Full 6-sides vision inspection.
Laser marking(Optional).
Auto reject(Optional).
Handler series(ENG)

IC Chip AVI Handler
Function Description:
IC Chip Test Handler is for chip electrical testing, chip vision inspection and chip package.
Apply to variety package and chip size.
Up to 8 testing stations.
Full 6-sides vision inspection.
Electrical testing.

P&P IC Chip Handler
Function Description:
P&P IC Chip Handler is for automatic die test and classification.
1. Maxima die size 20X20mm.
2. 12 classification trays.
3. Reloading time less than 10mins.


Vision Series

Wafer AOI
Function Description:
Wafer AOI is for die inspection in wafer level.
1. Apply to 6”, 8” and 12”wafer.
2. Vision inspection on die of wafer.
3. Auto wafer mapping.
4. Automatic repeat inspection.
Vision series(ENG)

Reel-base AOI
Function Description:
Reel-base AOI machine is for reel to reel chip cosmetic inspection.
1.Vision inspection, include empty, scratch, dirt and crack.
2.Marking defects.
3.Support SECS/GEM.

Reel-base IR Vision Inspection
Function Description:
Reel-base IR vision inspection machine is for inspect the chip inner defects by IR vision.
1.Auto focus IR camera.
2.Inspect inner crack of chip.
3.Support SECS/GEM.

Metrology Series

CMP Pad Metrology In-Situ Monitor System
Function Description:
This metrology system is for CMP pad topography in-situ monitor.
1.Standalone platform or integrated with CMP dresser arm.
2.In-line monitor and data feedback.
3.Measurement item:
(2)PELI(Pad Efficiency Life Index),
(3)PU(Pad Uniformity)

Glass Panel Processing
For Touch Panel, Cover Glass, Sensor Glass or One Glass processing application. High-resolution CCD system is provided with functions of auto-positioning and real time compensation on measurement.

GPR1B (Single Spindle)
Entry-Level Glass panel Grinding Machine with Lean design for high-mix processing, volume production and easy maintenance.

GPR1E (Single Spindle)
Single Big Spindle design, grinding and chamfering by wheel of Ø 100mm on 4 sides of glass and adopted with CCD for auto positioning.

GPR2B ( Double Spindles)
Double Spindle design, machine equipped with big and small spindle to complete both grinding chamfer and slotting at the same time.
The maximum Processing glass is 32” and adopted with CCD positioning system.

Automatic Edge Coating

Glass edge coating with organic adhesive through roller, the adhesive covers roller surface as a layer and coats the glass edge which is fixed and rotated by a fixture.
The purpose of this process is to protect the glass edge and to improve the drop test result after coating and curing.
Window base controller for easy operation, with TL-CAM adapted DXF file available to convert to G / M code.
Available to adapt automatic CST for higher production efficiency.
TL developed controller, with adhesive coating compensation
Automatic adhesive dispensing system



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