Since inauguration as a trading company in 1959, we have been providing various products such as thermocouples, plastic products, consumables, and equipment for electronic (semiconductor, LCD) industry.

In 1997, we constructed a plastic injection molding factory in Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata Prefecture, thus, established the business organization having both functions of trading company and manufacturer. At the root is the "challenging spirit" to promptly respond customer's requirements or solution of problem, and "being particular about craftsmanship."

To survive in the electronic industry where technical innovation is intense, we constantly anticipate the market request, make steady and untiring efforts to provide superior technology and high quality products, and aim at a company trusted by the society.


Semiconductor Plastic Products
Carrier, Handle, FOUP, Box, RSP, Mask Case, Chip Tray, Other Products

Tweezers, Vacuum Wand, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Wand for Small Parts Handling, Bernoulli Chuck, Manual Wand

Cleanroom Products: Wiper, Swab, Sticky Floor Mat, Tape Label, Latex Glove, Nitrile Glove, PVC Glove, Mask, RAY CUT

FOUP/FOSB Full-Automatic Cleaning System For 300mm Wafer
FOUP/FOSB Full-Automatic Cleaning System For 300mm Wafer

Patented vacuum drying technology realized complete dry after FOUP cleaning.

External dimension : D4, 150×W4,900×H3,000mm
Processing ability : over 12 units/hour
Weight : below 4000kg
Power source : φ3 AC200V±10% 30kVA
CDA/N2:0.5MPa 4000L/min
Ultrapure water : 20L/min
Automatically supply FOUP by AMHS, or manual supply possible.
Wash-dry tank : 2 / Vacuum drying tank : 4
6 axis articulated robot (Servomotor drive)

Vacuum Drying System

Vacuum Drying System

Patented vacuum drying technology realized complete dry of product.

External dimension : D900×W1,200×H1,840mm
Chamber inside dimension : D600×W700×H950mm
Power source : φ3 AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 12KW
DA pressure : 0.5MPa
Cooling water : 5L/min
Dry Pump:3,000L/min
Chamber cleanliness : Class 10
Ultimate vacuum pressure : 20Pa

Ammonia Diluting / Supplying System

Ammonia Diluting / Supplying System

System designed to blend various chemicals and supply.
Dilute and blend fluoric acid, ammonia water, etc.
and supply to cleaning system from buffer tank.
High precision weighing method enables to form low density HF solution, etc. Layout design to facilitate to replace consumables such as pump, etc. and reduce maintenance work load.

Container Cleaning System

Container Cleaning System

Developed for precision cleaning of 300mm wafer shipping container(FOSB) and FOUP.
System incorporated various know-how required for wafer container cleaning.
Realized high throughput by spray cleaning with high function cleaning agent, air blow water-off, etc. Exhibit same performance also in cleaning of other container such as Open Cassette, SMIF Pod, etc. as well as FOSB/FOUP.
Function as dedicated machine to each work by cleaning jig and most suitable nozzle design/layout corresponding to each work.

12" Cassette-less Cleaning System

12" Cassette-less Cleaning System

Has 300mm wafer cassette-less processing capacity in maximum 50-wafer half pitch/batch. Perform wet-in/dry-out and dry-in/dry-out.
Full automatic operation is available by host communication.
Fully customized system for cleaning process with flexible tank configuration designed to meet various cleaning needs.
Many actual achievements as mass production system.

4"/5"/6"/8" Wafer Etching System

4"/5"/6"/8" Wafer Etching System

System capable of processing multi-size wafer, 4", 5", 6" and 8" wafer.
Designed rigid to be compatible with high temperature ozone sulfate.
2 sets of built-in spin dryer capable of drying 2 sizes, thus dry 4 sizes.
As size is automatically judged and tooling change is not necessary, suitable for small lot production.

6"/8" Cassette-less Cleaning System

6"/8" Cassette-less Cleaning System

Capable of performing cassette-less process of both 6" wafer and 8" wafer.
For drying process, original lift-up drying system is equipped, and 2-size multi-design requires no tooling change. In addition to 6/8" , system for both 5/6" also can be produced.

Large Part Precision Cleaning System

Large Part Precision Cleaning System

Large system for precision cleaning of metal parts. Perform setting part in basket and ultrasonic cleaning in large dipping tank. For rinsing, usable for complicated shape by jet flow method with special nozzle. For drying, in addition to hot air circulation with built-in HEPA filter, air blow system by movable nozzle is adopted. Restrain waterdrop from being carried into oven.

Wafer・Chip Apperance Inspection System

Wafer・Chip Appearance Inspection System

Wafer・Chip Apperance Inspection System / Realized labor saving by high throughput Micro-crack・Chipping・Foreign Matter Inspection・Pattern Defect, etc.
For Si Wafer, Compound Wafer, Glass, etc.
/ Inspection of Warped wafer・Post-dicing chip

Automatic judging function : Map data saving function
Resolution : 1.5μm
N2 Compact Size Reflow

N2 Compact Size Reflow

Total length : 2.5mm, 6 zones, Realized compact size/For package such as BGA/CSP, etc.

Max 350℃(±2.5℃)
Applicable size: Max250×230mm
In-oven oxygen density : 50ppm~
3phase, 200V 20kW
Hot air circulation + Far-infrared usable
Outer dimension : 2500×1040×1340mm
Table-top N2 Reflow System

Table-top N2 Reflow System

Table-top N2 Reflow System

Conveyer type & Batch type, Heating oven / Max 400℃, Max width : 340mm

With window to observe the inside of oven
200VAC 3phase 50/60HZ
Nitrogen gas, With excessive temperature rise prevention sensor
PC Substrate Cleaner

PC Substrate Cleaner

Remove dust・powder・burr on printed substrate / Rotating brush+Suction unit type

Rotating brush+2 rubber rolls+Adhesive tape
Width 50~250mm/Length 100~330mm
Object thickness : 0.5~2.0mm
Outer dimension : 620×390×1260mm
Connectable to front- and back-end of SMT line system
Using both neutralizing apparatus (Top of inlet/outlet) and air-blow
Laser Scriber

Laser Scriber

Scriber for sapphire, GaN, SiC and crystal wafer, etc.

High-speed throughput
Realized 800mm/sec
Debris-less process
Usable for warp・uneven thickness of wafer
For Φ2~Φ6 inch ※Patent Pending
RSP-150 Manual Opener

RSP-150 Manual Opener

This is a jig to manually open and close RSP-200 (Reticle SMIF Pod).

Possible to open/close by placing RSP-150 on Opener (this product) and moving handle lever left and right.

Main material : Alminum alloy / SUS
Outer dimension : 355(W) x 421(D) x 171(H)mm
※421mm includes handle lever rotation area
Weight : approx. 6kg
RSP-200 Manual Opener

RSP-200 Manual Opener

This is a jig to manually open and close RSP-150 (Reticle SMIF Pod).

Possible to open/close by placing RSP-200 on Opener (this product) and moving handle lever left and right.

Main material : Alminum alloy / SUS
Outer dimension : 369(W) x 427(D) x 127(H)mm
※427mm includes handle lever rotation area
Weight : approx. 4.5kg
FOUP Manual Opener

FOUP Manual Opener

This is a jig to manually open and close FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod) for 300mm wafer.
Possible to open/close by setting Opener (this product) on FOUP DOOR and rotating the handle (right).
The removed DOOR can be temporarily placed in an upright position to maintain cleanliness.

Main material : Resin (engineering plastic)
Outer dimension : 453(W) x 83(D) x 173(H)mm
※173mm includes handle
Weight : approx. 850g


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