Thin Film Deposition Products
Our thin film deposition technology delivers consistent, repeatable results through wide-process capability, ease-of-use, superior reliability, and global service and support. Choose from a range of thin film deposition solutions to accommodate any material and application, including evaporation, thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering, PE-CVD and ion beam, as well as solutions for sample preparation and in situ control.

Our years of innovation in thin film technology have resulted in solutions that deliver high yield, proven reliability in real-world production environments and a low total cost of ownership, giving you a solid return on investment. As a leading source for thin-film technology, Denton also provides value-added services and lifetime support that set new industry standards.

Common applications for our thin film deposition solutions include precision optics, lift-off & step coverage, dual-sided laser facet coating, indium for wafer-level packaging, diamond-like carbon, metallization and medical coatings. Select from the technologies below to see the solutions that are right for you.

Denton Vacuum enables innovation. From basic research to manufacturing hand-off, our thin film deposition technologies provide superior performance in applications. Our Applications Laboratory is key to our innovation. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to produce cutting-edge sputtered and evaporated thin films and to evaluate performance. Working closely with our development team, our applications team also helps bring new products and subsystems to a mature, production-worthy level before we release them.

We employ our expertise in thin films to help our customers address challenges, reduce risk and develop optimized processes that can be simulated in a real-world environment during their development phase. Contact us today to find out how you can leverage our Apps Lab to test your own process development. Please see our Sources & Controls.

apps lab

Infinity solutions, offering the best quality films for the most demanding and challenging applications.

Magnetron sputtering solutions, excellent for materials with high melting points that cannot be evaporated.

High volume large area systems configured for in-line production to support high throughput for large volume production.

Small component coating systems are designed to provide cutting edge DLC and DLN solutions for relatively small components, or up to 200mm wafers.

Tin film solutions with high yield, stress control, high deposition rate, PID control, optimal grain size and film crystallography.

Denton offers a variety of thin film coating solutions for Research, R&D and Quality Assurance (QA) applications.