Contract film formation business
Formation of various thin films by sputtering
We perform contract film formation for various metal materials and oxide film materials. We are especially good at film formation on plastic substrates.
Possible materials for film formation: Pt, Au, Ag, Ta, W, Ti, Al, Cu, Ni, Sn, C, Si,
ITO, TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3 etc.
Maximum film formation area: 400 mmφ or 315 mm □
Functional membrane development
We respond to the development of functional films with special specifications such as control of crystallinity and electrical conductivity, and improvement of adhesion. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the quality of the thin film.
Thin film experimental equipment
Experimental glass cutter
Thin glass can be cut accurately and easily. It is also ideal for preparing cross-section SEM samples. LASER blade (for 0.05 to 2 mm) is standard equipment. Please choose from diamond blades for hard materials and carbide blades for general materials.
4 probe cable for sheet resistance measurement
A cable for measuring the surface resistance of thin films using the highly reliable 4-probe method. There are JIS compliant measurement cables (correction coefficient required) and original measurement cables (correction coefficient not required).
We also sell ultra-small heads (1mm pitch).
Experimental glass substrate
Transparent conductive film
We will cut and sell FTO glass with the specified size (processing accuracy ± 0.5 mm).

Price list of experimental glass substrates
Glass substrate with platinum
It is a substrate with Ti and Pt deposited on 0.7 mm glass.
Technical consulting
Solar cell
We provide technical information on solar cells to companies considering new entry into the solar cell industry, and propose fields and development issues that can be entered.
Process technology
・ We provide technical consulting on vacuum process and plasma process.
・ We propose process technology and develop contracts for the launch of new processes.
We also assist in selecting vacuum equipment and determining equipment specifications.
Other examples
Cell holder for IV measurement
We design, manufacture, and sell cell holders that can quickly measure thin-film solar cells such as perovskite solar cells. We also design and manufacture light-shielding masks.
Quartz capillary cutter
You can cleanly cut quartz capillaries.