Vacuum Service repair rebuild and Maintenance
When it comes to experts, industrial and or academic Australian Vacuum Services engineering services offer first class advice from industry expert in vacuum pumps and vacuum related technology. We work with basic laboratory diaphragm pumps through to UHV Ultra High Vacuum Synchrotron Ion, cryogenic and turbomolecular pumps. Helium leak testing services.

Vacuum pump repair
vacuum pump spare parts, vacuum pump oil, fomblin ultrgrade
Vacuum Spares parts consumeables and oils
Advice support and speed of response from our engineering services ensure your vacuum pumps are up and running quickly and efficiently. We supply everything from vacuum pump repair kits, vacuum greases, oils, PFPE, Fomblin and Krytox, individual parts such as blades bushes bearings O-rings and shaft seals.

Vacuum pump spares
vacuum gauge calibration, vacuum gauge distributer
Vacuum Support calibration and certification
First class calibration and consultancy on high vacuum and ultra high vacuum systems of all types. MFC mass flow controller calibration, PAT portable appliance testing certification, vacuum pressure checks. Our team has exceptional experience being Ex BOC Edwards High vacuum service engineers.

Vacuum gauge calibration
thin film depostion systems, sputtering and thermal OLED CVD ALD
Thin Film Deposition systems
We offer a wide portfolio of bespoke and standard thin film systems, from basic single source thermal evaporation, through to multi-technique Sputtering and Electron beam CVD ALD PEALD CVD PECVD RIE and all other variants.  

Thin film deposition
Inert laboratory glove box argon and nitrogen
Inert laboratory Glovebox containment
Class leading Inert atmosphere glove boxes for laboratory and research applications. Both argon and nitrogen types available. Argon management systems and full PPM sensors for water and oxygen included.

Laboratory glove box
henniker plasma surface treatment systems
Henniker plasma surface treatment
Class leading surface and sample treatment systems, argon and oxygen systems with full MFC and PLC control, full repeatable results. both laboratory scale and industrial scale systems and atmospheric plasma solutions.

Plasma cleaning systems
Vacuum generators VG motion and manipulation
VG Vacuum generators
Vacuum Generators VG are one of the most well known and recognised suppliers of high vacuum equipment. Specialising in motion and manipulation for UHV systems.

They also supply and manufacture bespoke vacuum chambers of all types.

VG products
Atlant 3d nano scale nano ALD atomic layer depsoition systems
Atlant3D atom by atom printing

First ever on-demand atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology based on hybrid Microreactor Selective Area Direct Atomic Processing (μSADALP™)*

Prevac surface science analytical systems
Prevac Surface science instrumenation
Prevac is one of the global leaders in UHV vacuum research systems. They manufacture bespoke surface science systems.

They also produce leading electronics and control systems.

Prevac surface science