Advanced Energy is a global leader in process-centered technologies critical to plasma production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, CDs, DVDs, architectural glass, and other applications. Our diverse portfolio includes power, flow, thermal, source, and APC technologies. AE operates in regional centers in North America, Asia, and Europe, and offers a global sales and support network.

Plasma Power Generators
Advanced Energy’s field-proven, Precision Power TM solutions offer extreme control, peerless arc handling, and cutting-edge match technology. Unlock new fabrication processes and benefit from our power generators’ comprehensive capabilities.

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Plasma Power Generator | DC Power Systems
DC Power Systems

Looking for proven, precise DC power solutions? We offer standard DC and pulsed-DC power-delivery options. Thanks to vast feature sets and reliable performance, our power generators are used in nearly every manufacturing market — semiconductor, flat panel, glass, thin film, etc.

Ascent DMS Plasma Power Generators
Low & Mid-Frequency Power

Advanced Energy’s low- and mid-frequency power supplies offer highly efficient, easy-to-integrate power. Quickly improve process control in a wide variety of applications.

Plasma Power Generator | DC Power Systems
Pulsed-DC Systems

Extend process innovation with Advanced Energy’s comprehensive pulsed-DC suite. Minimize arcing, enhance deposition rate, improve film flatness and packing density.

Advanced Energy Plasma Power Generator
RF Plasma Generators

Choose from a broad range of RF plasma generators and access unique features for configuration, control, and application requirements. From various mounts and sizes, to full digital control and plasma dynamic response, our RF generators can ignite your process innovation.

RF-Navigator II RF Matching Network
RF Match Networks

Enable fast, accurate, and reliable matching. Advanced Energy’s match networks expertly perform in multiple power ranges. Available in plug-and-play models or configurable units, easily install, expedite tuning, and tighten process control.

High Voltage Products
Advanced Energy's high voltage products feature high-performance power supplies and amplifiers. Each product line features hundreds of units, options, and accessories to meet your application needs.

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High Voltage Power Supplies

Trust a high voltage power supply provider with 40-plus combined years of experience. Advanced Energy’s HiTek Power and UltraVolt product lines feature hundreds of units, options, and accessories to meet your application needs.

High Voltage Amplifiers

Our extensive line of Trek high voltage amplifiers offer numerous voltage and current ranges to accommodate your demanding applications. Protect against output short circuits and over-voltages. For protective shutdown, utilize automatic crossover compliance limits or current trip features.  

Low Voltage Product Catalog
Low Voltage Power Supplies
High-end engineering applications require unmatched efficiency, reliability, and performance. Advanced Energy's Excelsys low voltage power solutions offer high power density, unrivaled flexibility, and extreme efficiency to meet any system specifications.

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CoolX1000 Low Voltage Power Supply
CoolX1000 Series

The fanless CoolX1000 modular power supply provides up to 1000 W in a compact u-channel, 254 x 165 x 39.1 mm design.

CoolX1800 Low Voltage Power Supply
CoolX1800 Series

The modular CoolX1800 offers power 1800 W in a 267 x 127 x 41 mm package.

CoolX600 Low Voltage Power Supply
CoolX600 Series

The CoolX600 boasts 93% efficiency and it delivers 600 W from a very compact 215.9 mm x 114.3 mm x 39.1 mm package.

UltiMod 4 Low Voltage Power Supply
UltiMod Series

The industry-proven UltiMod series delivers up to 1200 W of output power in a compact 1U form factor and up to 12 isolated output voltages.

XF Low Voltage Power Supply
XF Series

The XF family features plug-and-play architecture for maximum flexibility in an extremely compact 268 mm x 127 mm x 1U design.

Xgen 4 Slot Low Voltage Power Supply
Xgen Series

Xgen power supplies are user configurable and offer plug and play flexibility.

Xsolo Low Voltage Power Supply
Xsolo Series

The efficient and reliable Xsolo single-output power supplies provide up to 1008 W in a compact 1U package.

Remote Plasma Sources
Equip your manufacturing and abatement processes with high functionality and exceptional reliability. Customize your chemistry. Expand your operating range. Deliver higher process rates. Advanced Energy’s remote plasma sources offer sophisticated options in streamlined designs.

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Litmas Remote Plasma Source
Litmas RPS | PFC Abatement

Remote plasma source and power delivery system that enables abatement of exhaust gasses.

Rapid OX Remote Power Source
Rapid OX

Ideal remote plasma source for oxygen-based processes.

Xstream Remote Plasma Source

High-quality, chamber-clean remote plasma source with unrivaled performance.

Temperature Measurement Products
Built for precision and performance, Advanced Energy’s temperature measurement products deliver extreme reliability in temperature critical environments. Benefit from proprietary technologies that enable remarkable process uniformity, repeatability, and accuracy.

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Easily obtain the quality and accuracy you require. Our vast pyrometer portfolio is developed from years of research and customer contact. We provide infrared thermometer solutions for nearly every application request. And we can quickly adapt our solutions for unique application specifications.

Thermal Imagers & Systems

Advanced Energy’s turnkey thermal imagers and systems accurately measure temperature and use reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the temperature and temperature distribution of small and fast-moving objects.

Calibration Sources

Accurately verify the output signals of your pyrometers, thermal imaging systems, heat-flux measurement systems, or spectrographic analysis systems. Our blackbodies feature cutting-edge emissivity values, homogenous emission areas, and different-sized apertures. And fast heat-up times and high-temperature stability are guaranteed.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Achieve highly reliable and precise fiber optic sensing. Advanced Energy’s Luxtron® patented FluorOptic® temperature measurement solutions and WaveCapture Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing solutions feature many options to meet your application needs.

Thyro Family SCR Power Controllers Brochure
SCR Power Controllers
Flexibility and performance unite with Advanced Energy’s Thyro SCR power controllers. From simple to complex, ensure product quality with proven SCR operation, control modes, digital mains load optimization, and voltage sequence control.

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Thyro-A Series 3 Power Controller
Thyro-A Series 3

Digital thyristor power controller supports ±3.0% operating resolution and loads up to 1500 A.

Power Controller System | Thyro-A Series - One Phase
Thyro-A+ Series

Advanced power controller supports currents up to 280A and voltages up to 500 V.

Thyro-PX Series Power Controller
Thyro-PX Series

Advanced power controller supports ±0.5% operating resolution and loads up to 2900 A.

Thyro-S Power Controller

Digital thyristor power controller for general heating applications, supports loads up to 350 A.

Electrostatic Products
We offer electrostatic measurement instruments for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and high-performance applications. Select from our reliable electrostatic sensors and detectors, voltmeters, charge plate monitors, and surface resistance/resistivity meters.

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Electrostatic Voltmeters

Advanced Energy's Trek and Monroe electrostatic voltmeters allow you to accurately measure surface potential (voltage) on materials. Choose from contacting and non-contacting voltmeters and on-board controllers. Various probe options are also available. 

Electrostatic Discharge

Our electrostatic discharge (ESD) measurement and control solutions include charge plate monitors, sensors, resistivity meters, and voltmeters. Reliably monitor, measure, locate, and test for static electricity. 

Gas Sensing Overview Brochure
Gas Sensors
Advanced Energy delivers innovative gas sensing instruments for numerous markets, including global energy, industrial materials, and advanced technologies. Our gas portfolio consists of gas modules and instruments that provide superior sensitivity over other gas detection techniques.

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OEM Gas Analyzers

Reduce gas measurement costs with modules that measure multiple gases and eliminate field calibration. Our Andros OEM gas modules lead the way in non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analysis for automotive emissions and patient monitoring.

Gas Monitors

As a leader in trace and multi-gas monitoring, Advanced Energy delivers various NDIR and PAS gas solutions. Our gas monitors are ideal for all kinds of environments and applications and feature superior sensitivity.



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