Semiconductor Equipment
CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)
Wet Cleaning System
CMP Chemical Mechanical Polishing
This is a semiconductor process that polishes the wafer using chemical and mechanical measures for flat surface.

CMP Equipment
CMP 장비

· W, Cu, OXIDE


· High Throughput for Process
· Dual Polishing & Cleaner
· Carrier moving on (Chuttle) track system
· 4FOUP, 1 Metrology


· Easy Maintenance & Operation
· Left & Right Independent Operation
· Small Footprint


Wet Cleaning System
The C&C Division supplies cleaning systems embedded with various processes to remove the contaminants on both sides of the 300 m silicon wafer in order to prevent losing the yield and reliability of semiconductor products due to the fine particles, metal impurities, and four chemical materials that attach to the surface during the manufacture process.

Batch Cleaning System
CMP 장비
300mm "Wezen BF" (Front Type)

CMP 장비
300mm "Wezen BS" (Ⅰ Type)

The precipitating cleaning system precipitates 25-50 sheets of wafer in multiple cleaning tubs to treat with each chemical solution, cleanse with pure water, and dry with hot IPA. KCTech’s batch cleaning system is classified into Front Type and I Type according to the wafer flow and easily adjusts to the space layout of the processing line.

Particle Performance

· SC1 Last Clean : ≤ 10ea, HF Last Clean : ≤ 30ea
· Rinse only : ≤ 10ea, FRD : ≤ 30ea

Dryer Performance

· Water Mark Free (@IPA Bubble with Hot Function)

Etch Rate Uniformity

· With in Wafer/Wafer to Wafer : ≤ 3%
(Using Thermal Oxide Wafer)


· Chemical + RD : > 450wfs/hr(@Front Type)
· CHemical + FRD : > 350wfs/hr(@3FRD)

Metallic Contamination

· K, Ca, Cr, Fe, Zn, Mn, Ni, Cu : < 0.5E10 atoms/cm2

K-3000 Single Spin Processor
CMP 장비

For precise control of each sheet of wafer, eight to 12 individual chambers are used for chemical treatment, rinsing, and drying. It is easy to reduce the cycle time, enhance the consistency of wet etching, and change and add the chemical and cleansing sequence. The process is highly adjustable and allows continual processing without any delay after cleaning/drying while preventing contamination and growth of natural oxidation film.


· Polymer Removal, Film Etch, Pre Clean
· FOM, BOE, HF, 03+Nano Spray, DSP, SC-1, IPA/N2 Dry


· 4 FOUP In/Out Port
· 12 Chamber, 2 Buffer Station, 2 Layer (Linear Moving WTR)
· Index Robot : Multi Blade (4+1), WTR : Dual Blade
· An Independent Chamber : 1Ch 1PC, 4Aixs nozzle


· Compact Design for Footprint
· Throughput Maximizing Mechanism 460 WPH
· @19m Particle Removal Performance


Display Equipment
Wet Station
APP (Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaner)
Coater & Track System
Wet Station
Display equipment refers to the entire equipment used to create the pattern for LCD, LTPS, OLED, and flexible display using liquid (solution or DIW) through Cleaning / Etching / Stripping / Developing.

Wet Station

· Cleaner (used in the early stage, before/after Depo, before/after Photo, before PI, before ODF, etc.)
· Developer (for TFT/CF)
· Etcher (for various metal patterns)
· Stripper
· CF/CELL Rework
· Mask cleaner (FMM, WOLED)


· Wet processing and cleaning technology for fine patterning process.

AP Plasma
This is the dry module that removes and activates the organic matters on the surface of substrates to enhance the efficiency of wet process or adherence.

Wet Station

· Cleaner for cleaning in early stage, before vapor deposition, before etching, and before Photo (Wet Process).
· Light Ashing (removes Photo Resist)
· Encapsulation, etc.


· Possible to develop responders and customize processes as requested by customers.

This is an eco-friendly cleaning module that sprays low-temperature dry ice snow particles in a high speed through a nozzle to remove the contaminants on the surface of substrates without wetting.

Wet Station

· Cleaner for the poles of AVI tester
· PP Case Cleaner
· Cleaner before vapor deposition
· Parts Cleaner, CO₂ Anti-Static System
· Photomask Cleaner (Post etch)
· Photomask Cleaner (Post etch)


· Does not damage the surface and produces no waste.
· Fast and efficient cleansing.
· Customizable according to customer specifications.


Coater & Track System
Slit Coater
Slit Coater

Evenly coats the substrates with PR and other coating materials in the LCD, LTPS, OLED, or Flexible Display production line.

System Characteristics

· Responds to 2Gen. ~ 8Gen. substrates and R&D specifications.
· 3% or lower coating uniformity on the surface of substrates.
· Responds to low-viscosity/high-viscosity coating materials.
· The slit nozzle (Shim, Shimless) developed by KCTech for various processes.
· Exceptional response and reproduction of quantified Syringe Type Pump developed by KCTech.
· Responds to high-speed coating (Coating Speed 300 mm/s) and Cell Coating.

Vacuum Chamber Dryer
Vacuum Chamber Dryer

Dries the coating materials used to coat the substrates using thermal vacuum depressurizing in the LCD, LTPS, OLED, or Flexible Display production line.

System Characteristics

· Responds to 2Gen. ~ 8Gen. Glass and other R&D specifications.
· Creates an even flow of emission within the vacuum chamber.
· Glass feeding and discharge consist of Chamber Up-Down or Gate Type.
· Easy to move proximity pin by changing the Glass Pattern.
· Realizes No MURA, No pinhole, No pin mark, and No particle through vacuum chamber surface treatment.
· Maintains vacuum ≤ 13.3pa/10min.

Track System
Track System

In-Line System for the Photo process of LCD, LTPS, OLED, and Flexible display.


Ceria Slurry
The Ceria Slurry used for the semiconductor CMP process is the suspension made by mixing 80nm-300nm particles, ultrapure water, and chemicals. It is used to chemically and mechanically polish the film on the surface. Selective polishing is possible according to the type of additive films such as Ceria Slurry.

Ceria Slurry1
Ceria Slurry1
Calcined Ceria Slurry

· Particle Size : 80nm~300nm
· Application : Used for semiconductor CMP process.
· Intensity of polishing can be controlled according to particle size.
· Outstanding defect and scratch performance when small-sized particles are used.
· Customizable according to process target.
· Able to mix with certain additives to control selective cost on Silicon Nitride and Poly-Si films.

Colloidal Ceria Slurry

· Particle Size : 10nm~140nm
· Application : Used for semiconductor CMP process.
· Intensity of polishing can be controlled according to particle size.
· Outstanding defect and scratch performance with evenness and thorough distribution of particles for Advanced Device processes.
· Able to mix with certain additives to control selective cost on Silicon Nitride and Poly-Si films.

Additives for Ceria Slurry

Silicon Dioxide Self Stop Additive
· Auto-stop performance after removing unevenness of Silicon Dioxide.

Silicon Nitride, Poly-Si Stop Additive

· Removes selective cost on Silicon Nitride and Poly-Si films.
· Controls Dishing & Erosion.

Silica Slurry
This slurry used for the Metal Contact / Plug & Poly stages of the CMP process is a suspension that mixes Collodial Silica and functional chemical with DIW. It is applied to the advanced node application to improve the limitation of existing products and realize the performance demanded by world’s top customers.

Ceria Slurry1
Ceria Slurry1
W Buff Slurry

· Ferric Ion Free & Defect Free
· Controls the topography of W film.

W Bluk Slurry

· Particle Size : 10nm~140nm
· Possible to control the selective ratio of AW and Oxide films (W:OX=10~100:1).
· Exceptional Erosion & Dishing properties in Pattern.

Poly-Si Buff Slurry

· Controls and improves Topography & Roughness of Poly-Si and Silicon Nitride films.
· Improves the defect and scratch performance of Poly-Si & Silicon Nitride films.

Poly-Si Bulk Slurry

· Controls the selective ratio of Poly-Si, Silicon Dioxide, and Silicon Nitride films.
· Outstanding defect and scratch performance Poly-Si film.

Post CMP Cleaning Chemical
It is a functional cleaning chemical that can effectively remove the polishing residues on wafter after CMP, such as Organic Residues and Metal Impurities and it can be used on the Brush Box or Platen of CMP facilities. This is an eco-friendly product and it can improve the semiconductor yield with the exceptional cleansing effect.

Post Ceria Slurry CMP Cleaner

· Easily dissolves Ceria for effective elimination of defects.
· An eco-friendly product that removes HF related to CMP and subsequent SPM (H2SO4 & H2O2 Mixed) process.
· Applies Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Nitride and Poly-Si films.

On Platen Buffing Cleaner

· Hydrophilic surface treatment.
· Applies Silicon Nitride, Poly-Si, and monocrystal Si films.

Post W Slurry CMP Cleaner

· Removes W etching defects and metal contamination.
· Applied to W, Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Nitride, and Barrier Metal films.

Post Cu Slurry CMP Cleaner

· Exceptional resistance to corrosion and chelating.
· Applied to Cu, Silicon, Dioxide, and Barrier Metal films.


Nano Dispersion
Supplies nano dispersion solution with high luminosity, high refraction, low refection, low dielectric, and insulation based on nano oxide (ZrO2, TiO2, CaCO3, SiO2, etc.) synthesis and dispersion technology.

Zirconia ZrO2
Zirconia Nano Dispersion is applied to the optical area, including optical films and high-refraction lenses to improve the optical properties of display such as luminosity and refraction rate.


· Fine nano particles, high refraction, low viscosity
· High permeability, No Acid Smell


Product Name    M Product    P Product
Refractive Index    1.65 ~ 1.71
Particle Size (D50)    < 20nm
pH    Weak Basic
Media    BPMA Monomer    PBA Monomer
Appearance    Transparent Blue

· LCD Luminosity Film
· High refraction film for OLED light extraction
· High refraction monomer and solvent dispersion for coating

Hollow Silica
Hollow Silica uses low-refraction, low-dielectric, and insulation properties and is applied to various areas, such as low-refraction materials for new-generation display, solar power materials, FPCB substrates, and insulated films.


· Low reflection (Refractive Index : 1.30), low dielectric (Low Dielectric, 5G), and insulation (0.025 W/mK).
· Lined up by particle size; high concentration, mono dispersion, and high reliability.


Sample    Permeability rate (%)    Reflection rate (%)    Haze (%)
Glass    91.8    4.9    0.3
Coated    95.0    < 0.5    < 0.5
• Coating thickness : 100nm, PETA base


· QD display
· Solar panel materials
· LR(Low Reflection), AR(Anti Reflection) films
· FPCB substrates
· Insulated films




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