AVVA was established in 2003 and initially provided customized machines and opto-electromechanical modules to meet customer needs. With market demand and technological advancement, AVVA has gradually developed into a customer-oriented technical service company.

AVVA currently sells CO2 Bubbler as its main product, and Post Dicing Inspection is a newly developed product. The team includes not only R&D talents in professional fields, but also business and FAE talents who regularly interact with customers directly. Through the combined sales of machines and technical services, customers continue to increase their trust in AVVA’s technology and service quality. Since its establishment, it has accumulated many international customers with long-term cooperation. Some customers have entrusted AVVA to help solve new problems encountered in the manufacturing process based on comprehensive affirmation. Therefore, AVVA has been able to maintain a considerable competitive advantage. As the customer base continues to expand, and this year’s economic situation is not good, it can grow against the trend and break through previous years.

At present, including CHIPBOND, ASE, NXP, PTI, TSMC, KYEC, etc., are customers who have cooperated for many years; taking HERMES CO2 Bubbler as an example, the application of the machines of these customer groups has also been expanded to different processes, from Dicing saw, Wafer From Grinding to Laser grooving, AVVA’s HERMES series products are widely used.

The precise control function of HERMES series products has been recognized by customers. The original purpose is to eliminate static electricity in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Thanks to the trust of many customers, we hope that the advantages of this concentration ratio control technology can be extended to the use of liquid medicine machines, so that the mixing ratio of liquid medicine and ultrapure water can be more accurately quantified, and the design of the combination of two machines is integrated. , It can save customers a considerable amount of clean room space. Such a benign interactive mode not only represents the customer’s affirmation of the HERMES CO2 Bubbler machine, but also allows Jingying Technology’s technical capabilities to a higher level in the future.

And Post Dicing Inspection is a successful case of joint research and development with customers. In the case of customers’ trust in AVVA, the research and development environment is provided free of charge. The machine can be tested in the clean room at any time with the actual produced Wafer until the machine function reaches the standard.