Our company UNISEM Corp, has been leading market with independent R&D and managing customer satisfaction since our company was established in 1988 even though Korea was barren for semiconductor equipment in those days.
Since it was founded, we were the first company localizing GAS SCRUBBER with drastic investment and challenge by the belief; 'Only accumulating technique development can create future'. CHILLER also was stabilized in market so develop and supply various types of products which make our company lead to global partnership company of local and international companies.

We help the future environment of industry and life to be changed
Although the way we have been was hard to reach, we show you the way anyone can reach We will develop newly technology, cultivate numerous international markets, and gain ground in this area so as to promote continuous growth of our company by entering into future high-tech industry. To meet the paradigm required as new IT trend which is converged with things and fund emerges , will challenge logistics and wireless environment sector based on IoT so as to be innovative in industrial environment. We will lead safe and comfortable future life environment human pursue. UNISEM Corp.'s employees find new things and challenge for them and they are trying to be a part of credible company to everyone who is interested in the company such as shareholders, customers and affiliated company, etc.