There are various flat panels used for display around us, such as LCD TVs and smartphones. We develop and manufacture inspection and measurement systems that help improving quality in the manufacturing process.

Product List
High-precision Inspection System
High-resolution inspection system compatible with high-precision LCD, organic EL and touch panel circuit board.

Sealant Disconnection
Inspection System
Takano's original optical system and algorithm for inspection of sealant (disconnection, thinning thickening) in Sealant Application Process or Liquid Crystal Dripping Process.

Mura Inspection / Film Thickness
Inspection System
Detection of mura (unevenness) in FPD production process to remove loss and to improve yield.

Takano provides customers in semiconductor industry with high reliability solutions, through manufacturing and developing high performance Inspection and Metrology systems.

Product List
Non-Pattern Surface Inspection System
Inspection system that can detect particles on the surface of bare wafer with high sensitivity.
This system is used in various situations for process control.

Pattern Inspection System
The optical inspection system with high speed and accuracy that can finds wiring patterns,
cracks, and particles and etc.

Bump Height Inspection System
Inspection system that can measure the height, diameter, and coplanarity of bumps formed on
package substrates such as semiconductor wafers, BGAs, and CSPs
at high speed and with high accuracy.
Minimum measurable size is φ30um.

TSV / Trench Depth Measurement System
This system measures non-destructive, high-speed measurement of TSV,
which is indispensable for 2.5D and 3D laminated structures,
and trench depth of power semiconductors.
Proximity Exposure System
For more information, please contact our maintenance service.
This system has ability to inspect of 2D and 3D capabilities on the same platform.



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