Since founded in October 2001 with a great conviction to become a top-notch global company in the semiconductor equipment industry , GST has developed as the specialized leader in environmental and energy industry by listing KOSDAQ.

GST makes products such as scrubbers that purify the exhaust gases generated from the semiconductor and display manufacturing process, and chillers that control the processing temperature on the Fab equipments. Wiht an aim to to become one of the best technology leader in the world, GST is committed to create the customer value with next-generation scrubber and new concept chiller through the continuous R&D and discovering differentiated technology.


Abatement of semiconductor process exhaust stream using high temperature plasma.
GWG (CF4, SF6, NF3, etc.)
Corrosive gas (Cl2, F2, BCl3, HBr, etc.)
Flammable gas (SiH4, TEOS, DCS, H2, etc.)


Thermal controls for Semiconductor manufacturing process (Etch, CVD) requiring multiple temperature set points during one process cycle


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