Nanotech, Inc. was created in 1998. Since then, we have been more focused on the optical measuring solution for the semiconductor industry.

We developed the plasma generating and spectrum analysis techniques for the 1st time in Korea, which was very much demanded technology in the semiconductor manufacturing process. From its founding to current we have been growing steadily, always together with customers having good partnership including Samsung Semiconductor and SK Hynix, etc.


Technical Solution of optical measurement and plasma diagnostic sensor in the semiconductor process control

- SPOES (In-situ process fault monitoring and detection)

- EPD/OES (End point detection, process analysis)

- SR (Film thickness measurement), 2PM/RPM (In-situ Plasma monitoring), etc.


Analysis & Maintenance Service

- Technical support on the process analysis & optimization, data review & analysis, overhaul maintenance, etc.

Repair Service

- Diagnose and repair Service


Self-Plasma OES (SPOES)

  • AEGIS Series

AEGIS series is the sensor analyzing the gas by its emitted spectra through plasma.


  1. Application

    - PVD, (PE) CVD, (PE) ALD, Etcher, all TM @semiconductor/display manufacturing

    - Ti TM/PM, W PM, WN TM/PM/Ex, TSN TM, C&C (Si etch) TM, OxALD PM, Diffusion PM

    - In-situ leak detection

    - ALD Source monitoring

    - Dry cleaning endpoint optimization

    - Process fault detection

    - In-situ fault detection caused by any chamber conditions changes

    - Necessary in-situ gas monitoring to prevent unexpected process accident


   2. Features

    - RF plasma ignition: 0mT~10Torr

    - In-situ monitoring for 200~850nm

    - Use highly sensitive CCD sensor (2,048pixels)

    - Advanced EPD algorithms: Fine leak detection algorithm, lifetime management


EPD (End Point Detection)/OES (Optical Emission Spectroscopy)


  • OPTI Series

This is our EPD/OES solution designed for detecting endpoint and monitoring process state change in the semiconductor and display manufacturing using plasma spectroscopy technology.



√ End Point Detection, Process fault Detection

√ Dry etcher/Asher/PECVD @Semiconductor/display manufacturing

√ Increase throughput by determining the optimal etch time

√ Detect process endpoint through in-situ monitoring optical change in the plasma chamber



√ In-situ monitoring for 200~850nm

√ Use highly sensitive CCD sensor (2,048pixels)

√ Advanced EPD algorithms: Differential threshold method, Window method


  • NEFL Series

Filter type EPD detects variation of specific light distributed by the band-pass filter.



- EPD (End Point Detection)

- Dry etcher, Asher, etc.

- can be applied where necessary to increase throughput by determining the optimal etch time



- In-situ monitoring for filtered wavelength of 10nm bandwidth

- Use highly sensitive single Si photodiode

- Advanced EPD algorithms such as threshold and window method


2PM (Pulsed Plasma Monitor)

2PM is a real-time optical monitoring sensor used in the plasma based-etching, deposition processes of the FAB. It monitors the plasma, its optical emission through a viewport window on the plasma chamber. The pulsed waveform is checked to maintain stability and accuracy of the processes.


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