All-Ring Tech (ART), founded in 1996, mainly focuses on providing high-end technology automation equipment for semiconductor, passive components and LED manufacturing process. Since 2000, All-Ring has been a certified ISO 9001 company,  and has successfully listed on OCT market in 2002.

All-Ring has multiple locations across Asia, including the Headquarter in Kaohsiung Science Park (Taiwan), Kunshan Plant (China), and Shenzhen office (China). Under the coordination and integration of Kaohsiung Headquarter, we provide customized design, manufacturing, professional service, and the most cost effective solution to our customer.

Once established, ART is being recognized for his involvement in the advancement of leading competitive instruments development. The business scope preliminary is focus on developing automatic machine for the manufacturing of passive components. In addition, ART extends high-precision instruments to IC manufacturing. Currently ART’s high-technology equipment enters FPD manufacturing. 

Looking ahead, ART will continually invest on R&D for new instruments development, with the achievement of gathering excellent colleague, constantly evolve and adapt to core technologies, develop high value-added products. We are dedicated to providing our instruments to customer in terms of more elegant, economic and efficient.

Semiconductor-Dispensing Equipment Series
Semiconductor-Bonding Series
Semiconductor-AOI and measurement Series
Passive Component Process Equipment
LED Process Equipment


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