Molding System

Device lineup and Applicable Package
     Compression Molding    Transfer Molding
330    WCM-
MS    LPM-
System    LPM-
500    GTM-
X    GTM-
X MS    GTM-
170T    GTM-
S    GTM-
S MS    LTM-
QFP    —    —    —    —    —    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    —
QFN    #    #    —    —    #    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    —
SOP    —    —    —    —    —    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    —
CSP    #    #    —    —    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    —
POP    —    —    —    —    Ο    #    Ο    —    —    Ο    —
MAP    #    #    —    —    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    —
LED    #    #    —    —    #    #    Ο    —    #    Ο    Ο
Wafer    Ο    Ο    Ο    Ο    —    —    —    —    —    —    —
Level    #    Ο    Ο    Ο    —    —    —    —    —    —    —
# Conditionally applicable
* There might be un applicable packages, depending on the package design.

Molding System Lineups < Compression Molding >
WCM-330Fully Automated WLP Molding System
Photo : WCM-330    WCM-330 has in-line concept for wafer loading/unloading, compound feeding, encapsulation and vision inspection.
This system handles the wafer without any damage nor contamination and encapsulates high quality products.
The press system is high precision mechanical press, specially developed for WLP. This system can handle either liquid or granular compound to accommodate to the customer’s requirement.
WCM-330 can support any manufacturing style of customer’s requirements with the system line-up from manual to full auto.
LPM-600 MS
LPM-600 Auto SystemLarge Panel Compression molding system
Photo : LPM-600 MS
Photo : LPM-600 MS    FOWLP has brought about a manufacturing revolution for the semiconductor packaging.
In the IoT world the ultimate cost reduction of the semiconductor devices is required with the higher productivity. This trend is applied to the packaging technologies as well. Now the large panel molding is going to be stated.
To comply to this mass-production requirement Apic Yamada offers LPM-600 series to handle a panel size 630 x 630mm.
LPM-600 enables the high precise one batch molding for metal carrier, glass substrate, PCB and other large panels.
CDIM-500Automated Cavity Direct Injection molding system
Photo : CDIM-500    For the last few decades, Transfer molding technology has been at the height of its prosperity. Now, this technology is facing its physical limitations for the packaging of the forefront devices, because of the further miniaturization, longer wire, narrower wire pitch, multi layer dies, Low-K material, etc.
The liquid compression molding, CDIM® technology is the best solution for these forefront devices, such as PoP, Multi-chip modules, as well as LED lens.
This fully automated CDIM-500 shall materialize the new packages, which are still in your imagination.
Molding System Lineups < Transfer Molding >
GTM-XHigh performance molding system
Photo : GTM-X    G-Line is one of flagship for the molding system, and this system has been supporting the massproduction in the field for over a decade. Following G-Line’s prominent concept and performance and to beyond G-Line, this new Transfer molding system, GTM-X is developed.
Semiconductor devices are being changed and these new generation devices require higher encapsulation technologies, higher productivity and higher device quality.
GTM-X is accommodating to large 100×300mm substrate and 2 or more substrates per mold. The machine cycle time is also improved, and the compatibility of the G-Line peripheral equipments are considered as well.
GTM-X can support any manufacturing style of customer’s requirements with the system line-up from manual to full auto.
GTM-170TMolding system for large scale ECU
Photo : GTM-170T    Now, ecology is the matter of great urgency for us to work on. Apic Yamada is introducing newly developed transfer molding system GTM- 170T for large scale electronics devices, such as power semiconductor devices for solar batteries, motor controller or ECU modules to control automotives. This world’s first fully automated system prepares all necessary function, such as large platen, higher clamping force, vacuum molding capability, dual in line plunger layout, individual preheating stage for the thick and large substrates.
GTM-SStandard auto-molding system
Photo : GTM-S    Releasing “GTM-S”, standard Transfer Molding system inherits G-Line concept! GTM-S adopts the most innovative system controller and interface to secure the production with the user-friendly, safety, high precision and stable features. The existing mold tools and product change kit of G-Line can be used as it is.
This new automated molding system guarantees to support customer’s mass production.
GTM-S MSCompact manual molding system
Photo : GTM-S MS

This manual system is designed for molding Lab or small lot production use.
AC servo motor drive clamp and transfer system materialize precise and shock-less operation without hydraulic oil or cooling water. Either Transfer Molding or Compression Molding dedicated system, or compatible system can be selected.
LTM-120/170LLiquid Transfer Encapsulation System
Photo : LTM-170L    High brightness white LED is no longer the state-of-theart technology. How to supply new products in reasonable price and timely manner is the current key word. LTM-120/170L is the fully automated Transfer Molding system to comply with these needs.
This new system can accommodate to either Pre-mixed or Post-mix type compound dispensing to meet customers process. The major feature of this system is to accept the large substrates for chasing production efficiency and also large scale LED modules with top terminals, which requires flash free molding on the top surface of substrate.
Small Innovative Molding systemMolding system for Low/Medium production
Photo : Small Innobvative Molding system    Introducing new light weight compact molding system, optimized for low/ medium production volume. The concept of this system is based on the innovative MINIMAL-FAB mass-production line and not only limited to the automation of molding process, but also accommodating to the in-line connection with before and after molding process. The system, having the quick product change over enables user friendly operation. New compact one-strip mold tool, accommodating to 3D gate design can encapsulate the almost all kinds of electronics devices.
The customer, who wants to change to automated molding process, but being obliged to use manual system. Complying with such customer’s needs, new innovative molding system will debut.



Handler Lineups
Auto device mount system
New generation automobile, HEV, EV etc. uses many electronic control units. These control unit requires high reliability and uses many passive devices.
ADM-2000 is the device mounting system for those passive devices. This high speed compact mounting system performs high precision device mounting with the device attitude control and test.
- High speed paste application with dual jet dispenser.
- High precise mounting with high speed Fly-vision processing and device attitude controller.
- Multi-head mounting to achieve high speed and high through put.
- Traceability feature with QR code or RFID.
High-speed Package Transport System

An application of ARC-1000
MAPS-1000RE/RT is developed as the succeeding system of MAPS-200T. Selecting the options, the system can be used as Ring to Tape system or Ring to Tray system, and by connecting with
ARC-1000 this system has auto-reel change feature. The highspeed belt drive transfer mechanism guarantees high precision, durable and mist-less operation.

Auto-Reel Changer

Fully Automated tape reel changer ARC-1000 is developed to use with MAPS-1000RE or other tape off-loading system. The off-loading reels are changed automatically up to 8 reels.

Tape-and-reel test handler with an automatic reel changer

The A600 is a fully automated tape-and-reel test handler from loading devices mounted on a UV tape through unloading them into an embossed tape and is equipped with the state-of-art vision system that achieves far better alignment accuracy.
Its unloader is equipped with an automatic reel changer, contributing to a long time production run without interruptions. It can handle a wide variety of package families, such as CSP, BGA, QFN, SON, OPT, etc.




Trim & Form System

All Lineups
For wider leadframe and higher productivity

photo:COMBO-300SW D/D system
D/D system    photo:COMBO-300SW T/F system
T/F system    Higher matrix and larger frame size for more productivity isbeing continued to the next stage, where the ordinary T/Fsystem can not comply.
COMBO-300SW is come out to comply to this kind ofneeds. This system can handle 300mmL x 100mmW, 8-linematrix frame.

*COMBO-300DC, which has tool compatibility with old A-COMBO is also available.


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