Problems of Current Technology

1. High-end equipment in the manufacturing process mostly depends on imports, resulting in high product costs. Semiconductor component manufacturers urgently need to the domestic equipment that reaches the industry-leading level to replace imported ones.

2. The traditional cutter wheel cutting has certain limitations. It directly acts on the thinned wafers and will produce large thermal effects and cutting defects, such as chipping, cracks, passivation, metal layer lifting and other defects.

3. In the processing of high-end low-k wafers below 40nm, it is difficult to use the traditional grinding wheel cutting process.


Our Solution

Wafer Dicing Applications
In the semiconductor industry, wafers are becoming thinner and thinner and larger in size. Laser processing has replaced the traditional cutting method. Ultra fast UV laser is used for surface ablation cutting. Its laser focusing spot is small, thermal effect is small, and cutting efficiency is high. It is widely used in the cutting of silicon-based and compound semiconductor wafers.

Wafer Dicing


Wafer Chip Internal Modification And Cutting Application
For the internal modified cutting of wafer laser, the customized wavelength light source can modify and cut high-end and narrow cutting channel silicon-based semiconductor wafer chips of 8 inches and above without damaging the surface, such as silicon microphone chips, MEMS sensor chips, CMOS chips, etc.

Wafer Chip Internal Modification And Cutting Application


Wafer Laser Slotting Application
Using ultrashort pulse laser to process low-k wafers can effectively reduce edge collapse, delamination and thermal effects, and improve slotting efficiency. The scope of application can be extended to gold backed silicon wafers, silicon-based gallium nitride wafers, lithium tantalate wafers, gallium nitride wafer cutting, etc.

Wafer Laser Slotting Application


Wafer Laser Marking Application
With the help of laser non-contact processing technology, we can ensure that the wafer can be marked stably and clearly without causing additional damage. At the same time, the QR code reading recognition rate is high, and the production process can be traced.

Wafer Lsaer Marking Application


Semiconductor Defect Detection Application
Many links in the semiconductor industry chain need to be checked, from the size and flatness of the semiconductor original chip and epitaxial chip, to the macroscopic defects of the appearance, and then to the microscopic defects of the semiconductor with graphic wafers and grains. Visual inspection and quality control are required in the production process and when leaving the factory.

Semiconductor Defect Detection Application


Our Advantage

1. The operating and material costs are reduced;

2. Fast speed working improves production efficiency greatly;

3. Friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy operation and adjustment;

4. Laser equipment has low thermal impact, high processing accuracy and efficiency.


Customer Benefit

1. High cutting accuracy and good cutting quality. The incision is small and the material is hardly lost;
2. Save time and cost, no manual operation, and higher efficiency;
3. CCD can automatically locate and search the target, and can be positioned with the accuracy of 3um;
4. Non-contact processing, fine light spot, high cutting accuracy and good effect;
5. No carbonization in the section;
6. The processing surface is more fine and smooth.


Product Recommendation

Cutter Wheel Cutting Machine

This equipment is mainly developed for semiconductor and 3C industries. Suitable for cutting silicon, ceramics, glass, SiC and other materials. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed and high positioning accuracy. The equipment is equipped with a high-precision CCD vision system, which can realize the automatic positioning and angle adjustment of the workpiece and improve the processing efficiency.

Nanosecond Laser Scribing Equipment

Nanosecond laser is used for precise dicing of GPP wafers.

Picosecond Laser Scribing Equipment

Ultra violet picosecond laser is used for precision half cutting or full cutting of silicon and compound semiconductor wafers.


Wafer Laser Slotting Equipment

This equipment is designed for 8-inch and above chip sealing and testing plants, and is applied to low-k wafers and silicon-based Gan wafers with 40nm and below in the semiconductor industry.

Wafer Laser Modified Cutting Equipment

This equipment is used for laser modification and cutting of silicon-based wafers in the semiconductor industry for 8-inch and above chip sealing and testing plants.


Wafer Laser Marking Equipment

Facing the semiconductor industry, the wafer manipulator and external coaxial vision positioning technology are adopted to realize the full-automatic laser marking of 2-6 inch wafers.

Full Automatic Wafer Marking Equipment

For the pan semiconductor and 3C industries, it is applied to various types of identification of Si, Gan, SiC, glass and surface coating materials, and is applicable to 8-inch and above wafers.

Semiconductor Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment

Facing the raw material production enterprises in the upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, the independently developed spectral confocal measurement system is used to detect the size and flatness of semiconductor raw and epitaxial wafers.


Semiconductor Substrate Defect Detection Equipment

Facing the upstream raw material manufacturing enterprises and the midstream wafer manufacturing enterprises in the semiconductor industry chain, the independent developed optical bright and dark field detection system is used to detect the appearance defects of semiconductor raw materials, epitaxial wafers and patterned wafers.


Semiconductor Wafer Defect Detection Equipment

For the mid stream wafer manufacturing enterprises and downstream packaging and testing enterprises in the semiconductor industry chain, a multi-channel bright and dark field parallel detection system developed independently is adopted to detect the appearance defects of semiconductor wafers and grains with graphics.



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