N-TEC boasts its exclusive full auto wafer mounters, taping, laminator & presses, expanders, UV irradiators, breakers, grinding machines, lapping machines, polishing machines, and other tailor-made equipment in the LED, semiconductor, optical communication (5G), and biotechnology industries for more than a dozen years, and can develop a wide range of 8″ and 12″ wafer fabrication equipment for clients, and customize equipment to suit their process requirements with a one-stop R&D, production and sales team that is well recognized and trusted by leading international and domestic manufacturers.

N-TEC is committed to putting the “customer first” philosophy into practice by continuing to enhance its custom R&D, manufacturing and service quality to bring more professional and complete services to its clients in the advanced process high-tech industry.

Wafer Mounter / Taping Series
Wafer Expander Series
Wafer UV Irradiator series
Wafer Breaker series
Wafer Grinder ∕ Polisher series
Wafer Washer series


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