Semi-automated and fully automated systems for high and low-volume production environments. Toho high-performance metrology systems provide thin film & materials characterization systems used to monitor film stress, physical, optical, electrical and material characteristics of HB-LED, compound semiconductor, strained silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices, including composition, crystal structure, layer thickness, dopant concentration, contamination and electron mobility.

Optical Alignment
Lens Alignment Station
The Lens Alignment Station (LAS™) employs a focused laser beam in reflection to measure the surface decenter and tilt. Following reflection from the lens surface, the laser beam is focused to a bright spot on the LAS™ camera at two distinct vertical locations - Normal (or Cat’s Eye) and Confocal. The Normal signal occurs when the focused laser reflects directly from the lens surface. The Confocal signal occurs when the laser focus is coincident with the Radius of Curvature (ROC) of the surface. This will be above the surface for a concave surface and below the surface for a convex surface.


Precision Wet Process
Precision Cleaning, Etching and
Stripping Solutions for glass substrates
Fully automated wet systems achieve high cleaning efficiency on substrates of all sizes, shapes, thicknesses and materials. Sub-micron particle removal combined with robust throughput at economical price points. Outstanding value with long term intensive performance. Toho is an approved vendor for all leading Asian glass manufacturers, two (2) major Medical Imaging Sensor manufacturers in the United States as well as Architectural and Dynamic glass manufacturers. In-Line and Spin Models for virtually any size glass are available.

Industrial Automation
Providing flexible control for plant-wide optimization.
Lead automotive factory automation products of choice in Japan, now directly available in the United States. Toho terminal blocks, interface terminals, PLC conversion units and error prevention systems offer robust solutions for a wide variety of automation solutions. Toho provides quality components, support for control systems, panels and multiplexing transmission systems designed for plug and play system integratorion and design.