PMK Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is one of the leading independent manufacturers for electronic test and measurement equipment. Customers are industrial companies as well as developers. Noteable manufacturers outfit their devices with active and passive probes from PMK.
PMK products aim mostly at mid-range and high-end segment of the market.

Active Probes
High Voltage Differential Probes Bumblebee®
High Impedance Active Probe Series TETRIS®
Robust Active Probe for Troubleshooting Sonic® 4000
AC coupled High Frequency Probe Sonic® 4000 RF
Passive Probes
2.5 mm probes - PML Series
Passive Probe Series PMM Ø 5mm
HV Probes up to 4 kV peak - PHV Series
HV Probes up to 60 kV - IWATSU
HV Probe for OMICRON Lab Bode 100
Environmental Probes -55°C to +155°C
Passive Cable Divider Series PKT
SMD Probes - SMP Series
3D Positioners
2-Footer Positioner
Probe Accessories
2.5 mm Accessories (PML Series)
5 mm Accessories (PMM Series)
5 mm-L Accessories (PHV Series)
5 mm-HT Accessories (Environmental)
Sonic Accessories
TETRIS® Accessories
Measurement Accessories
Measuring Leads
Adaptors, Couplings, Terminations
Clamps, Hooks, Test Probes
Calibration Generators
Voltage Probe Calibration Generators KHT
Current Probe Calibration Generators KSZ
Current Probes
AC/DC Current Probes
IWATSU Rogowski Coils
Wide-band Current Transformers
Precision Wide-Band AC Current Transformer Series LILCO®
Power Supply
Power Supply PS-01 (TETRIS® series)
Power Supply PS-XX (Bumblebee®/SONIC)
Batterypack AP-01 (Bumblebee® / SONIC)
High Voltage Devices
Signal Generators


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