Crystal growing is a technological process of crystallization carried out to obtain single crystals or films of different materials. Production of equipment for growing leucosapphire crystals, carrying out crystal growth using horizontal crystallization methods and the Kyropoulos method, which make it possible to obtain a leucosapphire crystal weighing up to 30 kg. Crystal growth equipment for growing silicon crystals by the Czochralski method, which allows to obtain a silicon crystal with a diameter of up to 250 mm with a total length of up to 1600 mm. As well as equipment for growing single crystals of indium antimonide, and indium arsenide and gallium.

The processes of applying thin films in a vacuum are the basis of most technologies of modern microelectronics, aircraft manufacturing, instrument making, metalworking, medicine, nuclear energy. The vast majority of advanced structural materials used in the most critical products are created using vacuum coating equipment.


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