Solar simulator
Standard type solar simulator (Single light type)
Highly collimated Solar Simulator
Concentrated Solar Simulator
Highly approximation type solar simulator
Temperature and humidity testing chambers integrated type solar simulator
AM0 solar simulator
Qusai-variable pulse type solar simulator
Pulse type solar simulator for solar module evaluation
Indoor light simulator

Surface defect inspection system

Surface defect inspection system (normal type)
High magnification surface defect inspection system (magnifying magic mirror)
IR Magic Mirror
Fiber light source
UV spot light source
Xenon Fiber Light Source (XFL)

UV exposure apparatus

Exposure apparatus
Polarization exposure system
UV spot light source

Other light source equipment

Indoor light simulator
Halogen light source
Light source for spectroscope

Power supply equipment

Constant Irradiance and constant current power supply for xenon lamp
Mercury xenon lamp Constant power battery
Various parts
Light source parts for light source device
Various lamps for light source device


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