Founded in 2000, ALPHAPLUS Co., Ltd. is a global company contributing to the Korean vacuum industry by continually developing vacuum components and equipment based on high and ultra high vacuum technology both at home and abroad.

Our main business areas are vacuum components and vacuum deposition equipment. ALPHAPLUS has succeeded in localizing vacuum components for mass-production, based on our accumulated technology and know-how, which we have researched, developed and commercialized through the years.
In 2010, we succeeded in the mass-production of Effusion cells, a key component of OLED display mass production equipment. Our products have been applied to major domestic OLED deposition fields. In addition, we have been recognized for excellence in technology, and also for the quality of our vacuum components not only in Korea, but also overseas.
As a result, our overseas OLED manufacturing business has grown rapidly, and we are moving closer to being a global leader.


Evaporation Source
ALPHAPLUS is at the center of R&D and mass production of world-class vacuum technology.

Point Source
Linear Source
Evaporation Source

Point Source 
Applied to 5.5G/Q and 6G/H mass-production line
Deposition of organic and inorganic matter
Various model by deposition process and deposition material.
Optimized for flexible OLED
Extended overhaul period
Preventing clogging and splash/ spitting
Brief description of effusion cell
The effusion cell has a heat source inside, and when the crucible is heated to a high temperature, the material inside the crucible is evaporated.
The effusion cell can make nano-sized thin film (metal, non-metal, oxide, compound) in vacuum, and it is a key component to manufacture displays and semiconductors.

OLED System

Cluster System 
Optimized system for OLED device production and material research
Applicable to R&D, PP and MP line
Various layouts (available) upon customer request.
CompositionLoadlock, pre-Treatment, organic, metal, transfer, buffer, encapsulation Unit
Substrate size : 200mm × 200mm ~
Auto align unit
Mechanical align
Source made with ALPHAPLUS mass-production technology
Application OLED, micro displays, etc.

Decades of know-how in manufacturing vacuum equipment
Customized equipment manufacturing and process support
Excellent source reliability and thin film uniformity through optimization
Sputter Series
E-beam Series
Thermal Evaporation System
MBE System
RIE System



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