NEONTECH is system manufacture for mechanical dicing and automation equipment.

We provide total solution for mechanical dicing & automation through R&D center and continuous technology development. Based on experience of more than 50-Korea customer network, we strive to be world best beyond Korea best.

The customer itself is our main existence reason. Through the new technology development, we will do our best to give back the love and support of customer.


Accessoires: Chuck Table, Ring Frame & Cassette, Dicing Tape, Dicing Blade, Cutter Blade
Manual UV Curing System
Wafer Expander System
Water Temperature Control Unit – NUT Series
Water Supply Unit – NBP Series
Manual Wafer/Substrate Mounting System
Semi Automatic Spin Cleaning System
Full Automatic Dicing Saw – NDS-4200/5200
Full-Automatic Ceramic Cutter Series
Full Automatic Sapphire Breaker System
Full Automatic Tape Mounting System
Wafer wet spin cleaning




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