Crystal materials used for their semiconductor and/or electro-optic properties have ever more demanding surface and dimensional requirements, to keep pace with the results required for advanced communications and computer technologies. ULTRA TEC has given particular attention to supplying products that span the wide application range, from systems for preparing silicon, gallium arsenide (GaAs) etc, nanotechnology, MEMS, and devices to supplying advanced flat lapping and precision sawing equipment for back lapping (or back grinding).
For single die and package-level preparation, ULTRA TEC offers  a numbers of precision lapping and polishing machines and milling-based approaches which offer advanced functionality for working with package warpage and stress, and offer electronic end-pointing for removing a precise amount of material.

Antireflective Coating System For Backside Analysis
Equipment, Selected Area Preparation
Fast and convenient – 45 second process
Up to 30% more transmitted photon efficiency
Up to 60% improved contrast under NIR
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Analog Selected Area Preparation System
Equipment, Selected Area Preparation
Suits most sizes of die
Low damage patented floating-head polishing method allows for extremely thin samples
Mechanical Decapsulation
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5-Axis CNC Mill For Selected Area Sample Preparation
Chip-Off for Digital Forensics, Equipment, Selected Area Preparation
IN SITU RST Upgrade – No tilt/curve translation errors – single footprint solution
Adaptive 3D Mesh & Curve Mapping
Import Overlays – use X-RAY, C-SAM images to improve targeting
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Digital Selected Area Preparation System
Equipment, Selected Area Preparation
Accurately decaps, thins & polishes
die, package, wafer and board-level
Live Process Video
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Manual Lapping & Polishing Machine
Buy Online, Chip-Off for Digital Forensics, Equipment, Lapping and Polishing
Cost-effective manual polisher
High Torque mechanism
In-built coolant system
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Milling, Chip-Off And IC Pre-Cavitation Machine
Chip-Off for Digital Forensics, Equipment
Complete Solution – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!
No programming or ‘G-Coding’ experience required
Great milling results for users of all experience levels
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Low Volume Bench-Top Fiber Polisher
Buy Online, Equipment, Fiber Connector Polishing
Retro-polishing – Bring already-installed connectors up to current industry requirements
Low to Medium Volume polishing of Connectors, termini and contacts.
Cost-Effective Polishing – The use of 2 inch films on the machine make it extremely cost-effective
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Mass Production Fiber Polisher
Equipment, Fiber Connector Polishing
 LCD screen for storing up to nine different polishing recipes and process information
Platen torque remains fixed even when speed is varied
Air and water are kept separated inside of housing to ensure safe operation
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Portable Fiber Polisher
Buy Online, Equipment, Fiber Connector Polishing
Retro-polishing – Bring already-installed connectors up to current industry requirements
Use anywhere – true portable machine, with battery power
Bench-top stand – converts polisher for small production use in the factory
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Fast, Accurate Drop-Down Gauges
Buy Online, Equipment, Lapping and Polishing, Metrology
Choice of Accuracy
Digital and Analog versions
Granite bases available in other sizes for custom requirements
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Materials Inspection System
Equipment, Metrology
Three Modes Available — NIR as Standard, with options for UV and high res visible
Custom software includes imaging, image optimization,annotation, Silicon Thickness measurement, navigation and archival functions.
Images topside x-section & backside electronic polished samples
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Bare Fiber Beveling System
Equipment, Fiber Lensing
NANOpol offers the fiber optic communications industry the ability to produce accurate polished bevels on bare optical fibers.

Angular control is achieved with the advanced positioning features of the integral micropositioned polishing head.

Designed for the price-conscious university and research environments, NANOpol uses a 4 inch diameter polishing lap – a size specially chosen for improved flatness/run-out and low consumables costs.

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Sample Parallelism Alignment With LASER Precision
Equipment, Metrology
Works in conjunction with tilt controls to control sample alignment
Improves alignment accuracy up to 20X
Suits topside & backside electronic sample polishing
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Flat Lapping And Polishing Machine
Equipment, Lapping and Polishing
Better processing results –  ULTRACOLLIMATOR option allows for improved parallelism, improving the overall flatness ‘sweet spot’ of the delayered surface
Fast & repeatable alignment  – precise 2-circle tilt-adjust, coupled with high quality linear bearings in the Z-axis, provide for repeatable optical alignment ‘to the die’
Slurry polishing –  A recirculating pump may be added, in addition to the standard water coolant system. 
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For Digital Forensics Chip-Off
Chip-Off for Digital Forensics, Equipment
Includes Polisher, Long Arm, Sample Holder and Consumables
Produce Excellent results, independent of operator skill level
Affordable for all sizes of Lab
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Flat And Angled Preparation Of Optical, Electronic & Materialographic Components
Equipment, Fiber Connector Polishing, Lapping and Polishing
Fully Angle adjustable – produces specific wedge angles
Quick Release Interface allow for fast and repeatable mounting and demounting.
Holders available for most components
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QA And Measurement Station For Fiber Lensing With Optional On-Line Camera
Equipment, Fiber Lensing
Accepts ULTRAPOL Quick Release Fiber Lensing Fixtures
USB Camera(s)
QA availability for improving polishing yields and results
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Optical Fiber Lensing Machine
Equipment, Fiber Lensing
Fast Load & Unload
Fast, Effective Polishing
Wide Angular Range
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For Convenient, Practical Polishing Lab Management
Buy Online, Equipment, Lapping and Polishing
Low cost
Provides a conveinent station for the workday’s polishing activities
Films, fluids and surfaces can be kept moist overnight with the optional lid
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Versatile Precision Saw With Z-Spindle
Equipment, Precision Sawing
Z-Spindle –  Allows for cutting depth to be altered even during operation
Versatility – The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes and applications.
Cutting Accuracy – The use of precision lead screws on all sample feeds means cuts may be positioned accurately
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Versatile Precision Saw For Small Workspaces & Small Budgets
Equipment, Precision Sawing
Versatility – The system handles samples of most shapes, sizes and orientations.
Cutting Accuracy – precision lead screws on all feed directions
Long Cuts & Dicing – A large work-table and ‘open’ system design allows for longitudinal sectioning and dicing
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Low Cost Sectioning System For Mobile Chips, Devices & Industry Samples
Buy Online, Chip-Off for Digital Forensics, Equipment, Precision Sawing
Suits Low Budgets
Manual Crank Table Feed, with motor option
Z-Spindle Option adds easy ability to adapt to sample height
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3 Wavelength Laser Illuminator
Equipment, Metrology
Improved imaging and contrast
Three laser lines can be used independently or blended – 670nm, 1064nm and 1300nm
Suits most backside microscopes
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Single Position Fiber Polisher
Buy Online, Equipment, Fiber Connector Polishing
Retro-polishing – Bring already-installed connectors up to current industry requirements
Wide range of holders
Low Cost machinery solution
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Accessories, SAP Tools, Selected Area Preparation
Re-mounting station for producing final polishing tips. The XYBOVE Re-Application Tool makes replacing polishing tips straightforward and rapid — especially on smaller 1mm and 2mm diameter tools.

Make Replacement XYBOVE Tips when required
Save $$$ on buying new tools
Fast and Convenient to use, especially on small diameter tools